On Friday, Donald Trump claimed that TIME magazine reached out to him to let him know that he would “probably” be their “Person of the Year.” Trump also claimed that the publication said that he would have to take part in an interview and photo shoot in order to be given the honors. Trump, however, says he took a pass because he is not satisfied with a “probably.” He took to Twitter to share his side of the story.

Hours after, TIME sent out their own tweet refuting Trump’s claims, saying that he is incorrect regarding their procedure for handing out the title. Also, it is not necessary for the selected to take part in a photoshoot or an interview. In 2015, the magazine selected German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who was neither interviewed nor photographed for the issue. She was represented on the cover by a painting.

Trump has been covered on the magazine 14 times, most of which have come out after he has announced his run for president.

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