Continuing to branch out from its restaurant operations, Taco Bell has prepared a new release set to hit retailers near you. The beloved fast-food chain is now introducing a set of seasoning mixes crafted to kick-up any meal.

Available in “Hot” and “Mild” variations, the description for the new all-purpose seasonings reads, “Shake it on, mix it in, and add the classic Taco Bell flavor you crave to your favorite recipes, snacks and more.” Coming in 6.25-ounce shaker containers, the new release from Taco Bell is said to be different from the taco seasoning the chain already has on the market.

Already available at Meijer, Foodland and Phelps Market, Taco Bell’s All-Purpose Seasoning will be available in supermarkets, grocery stores and other retail locations nationwide in the coming weeks.

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