Taka Hayashi and Vault By Vans are back once again with a clever “DIY Pack.” Following up their recent “Have a Vantastic Trip!” collection, the “DIY Pack” puts the wearer’s creativity and personal taste first and foremost: it consists of Sk8 His and Old Skools with full Velcro uppers, both accompanied by a veritable smorgasbord of pieces and patches. No matter if you want to replicate a classic or make your own unique collage, the choice is fully yours.

Both of these Velcro-covered uppers feature a jumble of red and blue design lines. Although this intricate embroidery may appear abstract on first glance, it in fact replicates overlay shapes from other famous Vans shoes — the Sk8-Hi’s marks draw from the Half Cab while the Old Skool’s extra lines follow the Slip-On.

As can be seen in the gallery above, these lines serve as a guide to place the various interchangeable embellishments, ranging from checkerboard toeboxes to palm tree-printed throats and rich suede heels. Of course, if you’d rather blow everything up and start anew you can do that too. Both the aforementioned pieces and other embellishments like multiple Jazz stripes and old-school patches can be placed wherever your heart desires. Down below, standard midsoles with co-branded heel tabs finalize the look.

The Taka Hayashi and Vault By Vans “DIY” pack is available now via Vault by Vans stockists like BILLY’s Tokyo. Sk8-His are priced at ¥25,000 JPY (approximately $234 USD) and Old Skools arrive at ¥22,000 USD (approximately $206 USD).

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