Tame Impala‘s Kevin Parker recently sat down with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe for an interview surrounding the group’s new album, The Slow Rush.

Parker kicks the 45 minute interview off by explaining how The Slow Rush unexpectedly became Tame Impala’s “LA album” after Lowe asks him what effect location has on his work. The musician then continues to delve into his creation process, specifically how he occasionally already forms complete songs in his mind before the recording process and how he appreciates albums with a development arc. When asked if his creative process ever feels “routine,” Parker notes that “I’m always aware that if I do what I’m good at already, then it won’t be fun or exciting.

Towards the middle of the interview, the duo gets into the more nitty gritty details of The Slow Rush, even dissecting the tempos and rhythms of individual songs on the album like “Posthumous Forgiveness.” Parker explains that he approached this album from a solo standpoint and decided against collaborating with other artists. He says he hopes collaboration is an idea he loves, but that Tame Impala is also a “sacred space” for him. He gives the example that he initially thought someone else could feature on “Lost in Yesterday” before realizing the sound was meant to be Tame Impala’s own.

The interview comes to a close with Parker discussing the process of turning a recorded album into a live stadium performance, followed by a description of what his goals are, which include writing more music for other artists in the future.

Watch the full interview above, then read HYPEBEAST Magazine’s recent interview with Parker for its upcoming Issue 28: The Ignition Issue.

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