Live-action adaptations can be hit or miss — especially when involving creatures/animals that don’t really exist (a good example was the rough start Sonic the Hedgehog had with its character design).

Now, with the newly-released teaaser for the upcoming Walt Becker-directed live-action of Clifford the Big Red Dog, fans of the large canine aren’t sure what to think. In the 20 second teaer a number of dogs in various breeds are lined up with the final shot showing a fairly large Fawn Boxer standing next to an enormous red paw — just before zooming out to reveal the enormous Clifford.

Childhood fans of the big red dog seem to have mixed feelings based on this teaser as Clifford appears more like a young superimposed Labrador Retriever that’s been dyed red. What are your thoughts? Did this version of Clifford the Big Red Dog come out the way you thought it would?

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