The Berrics has signed on Leandre Sanders, SkateGoat, for the third installment of How To Turn Pro In 10 Days, roaming around Venice Beach in California to call on random strangers to do the “Do a Kickflip!” challenge — originally made viral by Eric Koston in 2018.

The video measures at a little over the six-minute mark, made up of quick cuts of Sanders asking random people on the street to land a Kickflip. Those who managed to do the trick, or at least came close to landing it, received prizes like T-shirts and skate wheels. As its reputation holds, Venice Beach was filled with a colorful assembly of personalities, riding in the sun on their skateboards, rollerblades, penny boards, scooters and other longboards. The video shows a handful of people successfully doing the trick, including a little boy, who SkateGoat enthusiastically awarded with a bright yellow T-shirt.

Scroll above for a look at The Berrics’ new video of Leandre Sanders hosting “DO A KICKFLIP!” at Venice Beach.

In case you missed it, watch Tony Hawk attempt his dream trick at The Berrics.

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