THE CONVENI has once again added MADSTORE UNDERCOVER to its imaginative lineup of collectible convenience store-inspired novelties. Hiroshi Fujiwara‘s imprint has unveiled a set of graphic T-shirts packaged in cereal boxes. This follows a collaboration with PEACEMINUSONE on logo T-shirts seen last month.

The T-shirts are packed in a sleek cereal box, emblazoned with an image of a cartoon dog on the front and a black garbage bag on the back. “THE CONVENI” branding is lettered in a thin cursive font at the top of the box at the front, followed by the words “FROSTED INDUSTRIAL WASTE FLAKES” below. A retro-like illustration of a dog wearing a top hat appears next to a bowl that’s filled with industrial waste. To complement the satirical imagery, the back of the box is printed with a large garbage bag, a motif resembling a hazard sign and the words “Overstocked Food and Trash unsold goods.” Besides the garbage bag, all of these graphics are seen over a T-shirt in colorways of black and white.

The MADSTORE UNDERCOVER x THE CONVENI’s T-shirts are currently available at THE CONVENI’s store in Ginza and on J’adore Jun’s website for $125 USD.

In case you missed it, check out UNDERCOVER MADSTORE and THE CONVENI’s graphic-heavy capsule from two months ago.

5 Chome−3−1, Ginza Sony Park B1
Chuo City, Ginza
Tokyo, Japan

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