The day is all about the bride, that’s a given, but that leaves no excuse for the groom to make his way to the altar in sub-standard attire. With the bride having undergone hours in hair and make-up to look her best for the photos, the groom should follow suit and ensure that he complements his stunning bride. Simple, understated menswear accessories can transform any ensemble for the better. If you can’t make the effort for your wedding day, when are you going to make the effort? If accessories aren’t necessarily your thing, then worry not, because here we present to you the groom’s guide to wedding day accessories.

The Grooms Guide to Wedding Day Accessories

Collar Stiffeners 

The first of our accessories come in the form of collar stiffeners, ensuring that the groom stays looking sharp throughout the day. Imagine looking back on your wedding album and looking through it in horror as your collar is all out of place. Collar stiffeners can be bought with personalised messages engraved on the pieces, meaning that you can walk around with a heart-warming message upon your person. All style, no creases, making the collar stiffener a must-have wedding day accessory.

The Grooms Guide to Wedding Day Accessories


For many men, cufflinks are a constant, ensuring to have a pair to hand for important occasions. While you may indeed have a collection in your drawer, on your wedding day you require something a little extra special than the set you wore to your office Christmas party. Treat yourself to a certain level of luxury when on the prowl for your wedding day cufflinks, this is not a time to settle for second best. The right pair will glisten as you say your vows and devote your life to making your partner happy. Give your sense of style nothing less than 100% effort.

The Grooms Guide to Wedding Day Accessories

Tie Clips 

The tie clip is an underappreciated accessory that, when worn correctly, can truly be the focal point of any outfit. Of course, for your wedding day you will be donning your very best suit and tie ensemble, so it would be a shame not to finish off the look with an equally as exceptional accessory. Not any old tie clip will do, you wouldn’t want to ruin your wedding attire with a cheap and tacky piece. It just wouldn’t do, which is why for this piece you should be looking at the higher end of the market at brands such as Tateossian. This could be the piece that captures the attention of your guests.

The Grooms Guide to Wedding Day Accessories

Waistcoat Chain 

Looking for something stylish and elegant that will truly make you stand out from the crowd? If so, then a waistcoat chain could be exactly what you are looking for. This accessory is closely associated with a man of success who is fulfilled in all aspects of his life, certainly projecting the correct image of one’s self. Pick the wrong chain and your style will closely resemble that of the 90s teen angst movement as opposed to the refined gentleman image that you are aiming to achieve. Experiment with several styles and seek the opinion of your groomsmen – if when you look in the mirror you see more skater than a nobleman, you will do well to move on to the next item.

The Grooms Guide to Wedding Day Accessories

Pocket Square 

A simple way to add colour to your wedding ensemble in a sophisticated manner is with a pocket square. As well as the style of the accessory itself, the success of the pocket square comes down to how well the fabric is folded – the last thing that you want is for the piece to look more like a scrunched up piece of tissue as opposed to an elegant accessory. The only other rule that you have to follow with your pocket square, assuming you do opt for one, is that it must go with your tie. For the love of all that is fashionable, do not force a red tie and blue pocket square together, it just doesn’t go and the bride certainly won’t be best pleased when her groom clearly has no sense of style.

The Grooms Guide to Wedding Day Accessories

We hope that you have found our groom’s guide to wedding day accessories helpful and that now you are more than well prepared to shine on the big day. All that is left for us is to wish you good luck.

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