After a long stint on NetflixThe Office has finally returned to NBCUniversal to stream on its new Peacock platform. To celebrate the new move, the streaming service unveiled a never-before-seen cold open for the show inspired by none other than The Matrix.

Shot for the popular series’ ninth season, the cold open plays out another one of Jim and Pam’s elaborate pranks on Dwight, this time taking cues from the hit Wachowskis’ blockbuster The Matrix. The clip opens with Dwight sitting in the manager’s office, seeing two black cats walk past his door, which fans would remember is a “glitch” within the Matrix world. It then escalates to a package arriving for him, which turns out to be a ringing phone, instructing him to go to the warehouse and avoid two men by the reception dressed like Agent Smith.

Upon arriving to the warehouse, Dwight meets Hugh Dane’s character, who now claims he’s Dorpheous, Morpheus’ brother. Dane then gives Dwight the entire red pill blue pill speech before asking which pill Dwight would take, with the whole process caught on film by Jim and Pam. To the couple’s surprise, Dwight chooses the blue pill, explaining he’d rather stay in the world he’s in now because for once in his life, he’s finally happy. The cold open ends with Jim racing out to stop Dwight from taking a potentially harmful pill.

All seasons of The Office are now streaming on Peacock.

Elsewhere in entertainment, Ultraman is now getting a second comic series over at Marvel.

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