PowerBen has just released a new portable battery pack for off-the-grid living. The stackable 360W 40,200mAh power pack features 6 different ports — MagicDC Port, SmartDC Port, two Type-C Ports, and two USB-A Ports — and allows for custom voltage via a dedicated 5~24V DC barrel port.

The PowerBen is able to charge a MacBook and another laptop simultaneously and can be recharged in 1.3 hours using a 120W source or in 1.6 hours using the optional 100W solar power input. On top of the OLED LCD display, the PowerBen is also equipped with a number of fail-safe mechanisms like short-circuit, overcurrent, overvoltage, and temperature protection. Those using electric scooters can also keep one handy for some extended range or emergencies.

Currently on Indiegogo, the PowerBen can be reserved for a price of $229 USD.

In other tech news, Domino’s Pizza will begin autonomous robot deliveries.

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