Off the Record is a new Hong Kong-based art platform that purveys a curated selection of art toys and editions. For the fledgling company’s inaugural release, Off the Record commissioned Japanese artist and sculptor, Satoshi Miyashita aka Toys Pottery, to design a collectible — which doubles as a glasses stand — featuring two of his favorite cartoons: Luke Skywalker from Star Wars and Wile E. Coyote from the Looney Tunes. The work made its debut at Toys Pottery’s first solo Hong Kong exhibition at The Warehouse Gallery last month.

Made using resin, the Sky Chaser figure measures 23.5 by 20 centimeters. The piece is available in limited quantities at Off the Record’s website and HBX for $125 USD each. Coinciding with the toy release is the artist’s “Beautiful Dreamer” exhibition where he presents new ceramic works “that express the internal world and human imagination with themes such as meditation, psychedelic, and surrealism,” as per a press statement. Across the works, the artist reimagines famous characters from pop culture including the Gremlins, Tom and Jerry, Batman, Pinnochio, among many others.

Get a closer look at Sky Chaser in the slideshow above.

Elsewhere in art, Japanese artist Soh Suen presents mosaic-like portraits in a new exhibition called “A Modest Scream.”

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