Transparent Sound, a Stockholm-based electronics brand known for its stylish see-through speakers, has just unveiled a portable speaker that doubles as a mini-lamp.

Dubbed “Light Speaker,” the device was made to evoke the warm, illuminating atmosphere of a traditional outdoor lantern. Transparent Sound studied the look and feel of real flames, taking into account various details like light temperature, brightness, movement, to design a subtle light that glows with the music that the speaker emits. The speaker comes with a sleek black handle that matches the shade of the top piece, where the sound comes out of, and the base, where the speaker’s controls have been placed. At the center of the device is a transparent cylinder made with durable borosilicate glass through which light is projected. Users can adjust the light, too, mirroring a subtle burn of coals, flickering candlelight or even a white reading light — all of which move and vibrate with the music to emulate a real flame. Its 10-hour battery life and IPX2 weather rating makes the speaker suited for both outdoor and indoor environments

Transparent Sound’s Light Speaker will be available for general release in April 2021 on Transparent Sound’s website for $370 USD — it is currently available on Kickstarter for $215 USD.

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