We can already breathe underwater. But it requires that we strap a heavy tank on our backs and go through training. The Triton Underwater Artificial Gills are light, arrive assembled, and require no training. If they actually work… well that’s a whole other conversation. According to the maker, the Triton setup extracts oxygen from the water and a micro compressor takes the oxygen and stores it — supposedly allowing you to breathe underwater for up to 45 minutes. Perfect for your commute when the rising sea levels finally make cabs and Uber extinct.When outlets are scarce, light and power become man’s best friend. The BioLite PowerLight Mini can provide you with both in one pocket-sized package. A USB rechargeable battery can run the 135-lumen LED panel to brighten the campsite for over two full days or add some extra fuel to your gadgets. A metal clip and bike mount transforms the light into anything from a headlamp to a bicycle reflector, providing the visibility you need in any situation.After spending the night in the Great Outdoors, it’s going to take a cup of coffee, or six, to get you back on the trails. Built from rust-free 18/8 stainless steel, the Stanley Adventure Percolator keeps the nostalgia of old-school outdoor coffee alive. An updated removable silicone grip allows you to brew right over an open flame, while the ergonomic handle makes for an easier pour. The large capacity holds half a dozen cups to help keep the whole campfire caffeinated for whatever adventures lie ahead.