UNIQLO has just announced a massive initiative to help reduce its global carbon footprint. Named the Re.UNIQLO program, the circular sustainability program will take old clothing from both UNIQLO and GU and breathe new life into them in the form of recycling the material to make new clothing, recycling them to make new raw material and fuel (Japan only), or reusing old clothing in the form of donating the garments to people in need.

UNIQLO started collecting its used clothing as early as 2006, and last year saw the clothing company collect roughly 620,000 down jackets in just half a year’s time. Each donated piece goes through 18 different sorting criteria from size, gender, season, climate, culture, and religion, to name a few. Coupled with its efforts on plastic reduction, UNIQLO is on a fast track in keeping its products out of landfills.

Its first product from the Re.UNIQLO program is set to drop this November in the form of a 100-percent recycled down jacket. The jacket will be available in a total of 67 retail shops in 22 different markets. Head over to UNIQLO to learn more.

In other fashion news, Bob Gore, the inventor of GORE-TEX, has died.

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