One of the greatest aspects of the Star Wars franchise is the weapons, in particular, the Jedi and Sith’s weapon of choice — the lightsaber. To the untrained eye, the lightsaber may just look like a laser sword, but to those who know the franchise more intimately, it’s clearly so much more.

Founded around a Force-attuned Kyber crystal, the lightsaber is a manifestation of its wielder’s mental connection with the Force. It is in effect a transformation of inward emotion into the physical reality of the outside world. That is why lightsabers appear in different colors, even though the actual Kyber crystal is naturally colorless. The crystal takes on a specific glow once fitted to a person’s lightsaber, while also taking into account his or her feelings and instincts. The blue and green hue of the Jedi’s lightsaber represents a number of traits, but primarily that of detachment from harsh emotion and the pursuit of mental clarity, while the red of the Sith, primarily represents anger and aggression. A clear representation of contrasting ideologies.

There are endless theories and ideologies about this iconic weapon and the recent video analysis by ScreenPrism, that you can watch above, provides a solid understanding for those of you looking to learn a bit more about the lightsaber.

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