Koreen Odiney‘s “We’re Not Really Strangers” entity has amassed a measurable amount of fans for its moody IG page that features affirmational messages photoshopped onto buildings and street walls, merchandise graced with comforting phrases and of course, its thought-provoking card game. The latter has been released in various forms including that of a “Breakup” edition, a “Relationship” offering and more, and now it will be dropping in collaborative form with none other than Valentino.

For this pack, the LA-based model/photographer and the Italian fashion house emphasize three different themes including perception, connection and reflection. Inside its burgundy-coated box players will find a deck of 25 cards, all of which feature various questions that are intended to dive deep into one’s honest and personal thoughts.

In terms of its visual presentation, the box is fittingly branded with a co-branded hit on the front and on the sides, as well as signature “V” logos positioned in the background and the phrase “See Yourself In Someone Else” printed onto the backside. Furthermore, each of the cards inside are adorned with a We’re Not Really Strangers x Valentino text hit towards the bottom.

The collaborative decks is available for purchase right now in select Valentino boutiques worldwide.

Just in case you missed it, TASCHEN is having a January book sale.

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