In a new short film titled Nobody Knows, acclaimed dancer Lil Buck explores his identity as a Black man through the cathartic power of dance. Conceptualized and co-directed by Buck — and produced in collaboration with Red Bull Dance — this five-minute film takes viewers through an intimate and personal journey through the dancer’s inner life and struggles.

Buck’s religious upbringing figures large in the story; scored by Pastor T.L. Barret’s gospel song “Nobody Knows” and accompanied by a choir, the film follows Buck as he dances through the aisle, pews and halls of a church.

“As a Black man, I am trying to find solace with the struggles and church being the last resort for seeking peace. You see me progress as I battle with that struggle, but as the music builds I dance through it, to be reborn and full of joy,” he explains in a statement. “Through the release of my brothers and sisters protesting and my dancing, I am transformed and freed from all my sadness. The choir represent my thought process and my internal strength supporting me to break through towards celebration.”

To see more of Lil Buck intricate footwork, check out his YouTube channel for more videos.

A dancer also recently took to the Orsay museum in Paris for a classical ballet performance, along with a skateboarder who cruises the city streets before arriving to the Louvre.

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