Ahead of the impending end of Flash support on major web browsers on December 31, 2020, BlueMaxima has put together a preservation project that honors the importance of Flash-based web games and animations.

Dubbed “Flashpoint,” the project looks to protect the history tied to the games that make up an interesting part in the evolution of the Internet. The project is an open-source platform that allows people to download and play a list of classic games and animations. Flashpoint features over 36,000 flash games and reveals a direct link to the rise of mobile and indie games, along with showcasing an avenue that gave creators their early starts.

Catch the trailer for the Flashpoint Flash Games Archive above and head over to BlueMaxima’s website to download the collection.

For more gaming news, Bandai Namco recently announced CAPTAIN TSUBASA: Rise of New Champions with an action-packed trailer.

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