Fans of Microsoft Flight Simulator will be delighted to learn that you’ll soon to able to pilot an F-15 in the game.

The fighter jet simulation was created by a team of third-party developers called DC Designs, which has currently scheduled a release window in January for the add-on. Aside from the standard fourth-generation F-15, there’ll be four variants for you to choose from: the F-15C (air superiority), the F-15D (combat capable trailer), the F15-E (Strike Eagle) and the F-15I from the Israel Defense Force.

In addition to flying the jet, players will also be able to select the type of ordnance loadout for it, although there’s no indication so far that you’ll be able to fire them. Another restriction from the game relates to the speed of the plane — the F-15 can reach speeds of up to Mach 2.5, which is roughly 2,000 mph, and the game has a native barrier that prevents you from reaching these speeds, meaning you’ll have to disable that barrier for the full experience.

Check out the video of the plane in action above and track the F-15’s release date over at Just Flight.

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