Young M.A has been on a hot streak with her recently released album Herstory in the Making and upcoming tour. But before her tour starts, the 27-year-old rapper wanted to drop her latest single “2020 Vision” which she initially teased in late January.

Instead of just the song, the Brooklyn-native went the extra mile to release the Zombie-assisted cut as a visual as well. As seen in the clip, M.A is enjoying a party alongside friends in the studio, drinking and just plain having a good time. The song is a reflection of her gritty, yet braggadocios raps. She says on a verse:

But I just blew 40K on a piece, VV’s, freazin’
Sick shit, every time I wear it, I’m sneezin’, sheesh
2020, gotta level up, increasin’, big
Gotta talk to these lil’ dumb niggas, preach, I’m preachin’

Watch the video above and check out Young M.A on tour starting this February.

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