Young Scooter, Future and Young Thug have reconnected for the new video in support of their collaborative single “Trippple Cross.” Originally released this past February, “Trippple Cross” served as the lead single and title track for Scooter’s latest studio project.

“Every day I wake up, I get high as a kite / F*ckin’ with your baby mama, I damn near missed my flight,” Young Scooter raps. “Walk in the mall and pick it up, I don’t check no price / My lil’ bitch from New York, she told me talk to her nice / I told that bitch just pay attention, I could change your life / You drive these bricks to Atlanta, I’ll give you 25 racks / How many bricks in the trunk? Bitch, don’t worry ’bout that.”

You can watch Young Scooter, Future and Young Thug’s “Trippple Cross” video above.

Late last month, Future released the official video for “WIFI LIT.”

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