If there’s one thing we can say about style in 2021 so far, it’s that anything goes — and why shouldn’t it, if it’s just you, day after day, on the divan? But even with this chaotic/laissez-faire energy in the air, you’re still the captain of your own destiny, especially if you’ve got a sneak peek of what’s to come.

To give us a leg up in at least one area of our lives, we tapped astrologer Adama Sesay of Lilith Astrology to interpret how the cosmos will affect each sign’s personal style this year. Will you be bossing up at work (with C-suite-appropriate accessories to match)? Or will romance win the day (hello, flirty babydoll top)? Whatever’s written in this chapter of your personal master plan, Pay in 4 from PayPal* gives you an all-new, ultra-flexible way to break your purchases into smaller, easy-to-manage amounts, so you can shop based on the stars’ recommendations now and pay later.

Ready to find out what the future holds? See your 2021 style horoscope ahead.

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“[This] is the year you evolve and shift your vision and goals for the future,” Sesay says. To suit the entrepreneurial vibe? A curvy leather cardholder to represent the fortuitous connections you’ll make that could help you on your path.


Expect change and growth in your career, possibly in ways you’ve never imagined. Update that résumé tout de suite, and, to keep track of your professional appointments in style, invest in a smart watch with tech-y features to spare. (Pro tip: Use Pay in 4 from PayPal so you can enjoy your timepiece now and pay for it later.)


“Amplifying your voice on a broader level is a theme for Gemini this year,” Sesay says. So get loud with a pin-worthy floral brocade blazer — the better to wear while attending a webinar that suddenly inspires you to dedicate your life studying, say, lobster aerodynamics.


On the horizon for you, Cancer? New acquaintances who can see your unique perspective and want to invest in you. With that kind of support on the way, you can afford to loosen up with wide-cut trousers in a mellow printed mohair.


The hustle never sleeps, and in 2021, your career could take a turn, “aligning you with a significant working relationship,” Sesay says. Reward yourself once you network your way to that new gig with a roomy metallic tote that also satisfies your look-at-me tendencies (no shade).


Prepare for a shake-up in your day-to-day health routine and work schedule as you prioritize self-care. The best companion on your afternoon strolls? Stealth streetwear, ideal for a sign that prefers to move in silence.


“The universe is asking for you to tap into your creative power and express yourself in an authentic way,” Sesay says. A beribboned, shirred top could be just the thing to communicate to the world that, yes, your Venus-ruled sign is #aesthetic.


You’ll have to sort out the logistics, but moving or changing homes could be in the cards for you this year. A change in location usually means shifts in your close relationships as well, so keep the homies close with a stack of adult friendship bracelets. 


Simplify, simplify, simplify — especially with your work life kicking into high gear this year. Balance the professional frenzy by paring down your ‘fits, like this razor-sharp minimalist suit that will come in handy when you book an online lecture series.


Home is…where the money is. This year, your side hustle might become your main source of income — or you may start Cap Corp Unlimited from your apartment. Burn the midnight oil in a plush robe that you can also wear when you reap the rewards of your labor. (For some immediate gratification — rare for you, we know — use Pay in 4 from PayPal at checkout to get cozy now as you pay later.)


It’s the Age of You, and you should 100% own your uniqueness. “In the past you may have shied away from letting your freak flag fly,” Sesay says, “but this is your year to release anyone else’s judgements of you.” A psychedelic-print tee captures your freewheeling spirit (and how lit it was the last time your eponymous time came round).


“As a sign ruling all things ethereal and otherworldly, this is a year where you can tap into this power on a deeper level,” Sesay says. Treat yourself like the queen you are — and bring out your inner wisdom at the same time — with a fantasy buy, like this tulle confection of a frock.

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