YouTube announced a new “chapters” feature for its platform that allows users to easily navigate sections of a longer video. Following a positive testing period for the feature, YouTube has stated it will apply “chapters” permanently this week. The new feature is available on desktop as well as on the Android and Apple iOS YouTube apps.

Viewers will be available to use the duration bar to click through various sections of a video, which is more convenient than scrubbing throughout a video to find particular moments. Chapters are visible at the bottom of the video player and show timestamps from the video description. However, chapters are optional and will only appear at the uploader’s discretion.

Chapters can only be used if the first chapter starts at the 0:00 mark, has at least three chapters stamped, and if each chapter lasts at least 10 seconds. The chapters feature is one in a series of new YouTube developments, such as its new fact check feature.

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