Internet-connected gadgets can definitely make life more convenient. But by connecting to cloud-based servers, they can also make it less secure. The Zoe Secure Smart Home Hub is designed to give you all the voice-activated smarts you expect, while keeping your commands private. It plays nice with existing connected devices like Philips Hue bulbs, Nest thermostats, and Dropcams, as well as Z-Wave and Bluetooth devices, and also has support for Voice Drops, small hexagonal boxes you can place around the home to extend Zoe’s reach. You can teach it new abilities with a few taps in an app, and best of all, only the data you choose gets sent to the cloud, ensuring privacy where you expect it most.Using information gleaned from the Internet instead of an array of sensors, the TrapTap Speed Trap Indicator aims to warn you of red light cameras, speeding traps, and other potential pitfalls. The small circular gadget connects to a companion app over Bluetooth, and lights up red near red light cameras and school zones, blue near police and mobile radar traps, and green near speed zones. The app has a built-in database covering every red light camera and school zone in over 60 countries, and relies on users to double tap the indicator’s single button when they spot a speed trap, thus alerting others to its location. Unlike radar detectors, its 100% legal, and is easy to move from car to car thanks to a reusable, sticky pad on the bottom.Many of us love the look of Apple’s classic IIe computers. They’re just not much good for actual computing. The Colorware Retro iMac blends the fun, nostalgic look of the Apple IIe with the technology of a 27-inch Retina iMac. The specs on the inside remain the same as the systems you’ll find at your local Apple Store, but the exterior has been given a special treatment. The aluminum receives a classic beige paint job, with faux exhaust vents added to the back for good measure. The keyboard and Magic Mouse also get a retro makeover, and the rig is finished off with the iconic rainbow Apple logo on the front and back.